Help with dumping Satella View 8mb cart

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Help with dumping Satella View 8mb cart

Beitrag von ASH_OTAKU_SE » 15. Juli 2016, 22:45

Located in Sweden. Can ship no problem to Germany.
Was told to come here and ask for help.
I have a 8mb cart that seems locked, can provide picture tomorrow.
Hopefully it still has some data on it, maybe just locked.

Was told the almighty Ikari_01 is on this forum but my german skills are 0 so I don't know where to search for him.

If somebody would be willing to dump this, edit the hex and burn the same image to a new rom and install I would gladly pay for this!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Help with dumping Satella View 8mb cart

Beitrag von ChronoMoogle » 16. Juli 2016, 11:42

Hello Ash Otaku SE!
First up, thanks for getting in touch! ikaris dumping setup is unfortunately discontinued for the time being. But borti from this forum is currently setting up a new one. I think you should send him your email and ask to contact you once the hardware is ready! Good luck for the dump, it might turn out to be something unpreserved :)

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