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Help with dumping Satella View 8mb cart

Verfasst: 15. Juli 2016, 22:45
Located in Sweden. Can ship no problem to Germany.
Was told to come here and ask for help.
I have a 8mb cart that seems locked, can provide picture tomorrow.
Hopefully it still has some data on it, maybe just locked.

Was told the almighty Ikari_01 is on this forum but my german skills are 0 so I don't know where to search for him.

If somebody would be willing to dump this, edit the hex and burn the same image to a new rom and install I would gladly pay for this!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help with dumping Satella View 8mb cart

Verfasst: 16. Juli 2016, 11:42
von ChronoMoogle
Hello Ash Otaku SE!
First up, thanks for getting in touch! ikaris dumping setup is unfortunately discontinued for the time being. But borti from this forum is currently setting up a new one. I think you should send him your email and ask to contact you once the hardware is ready! Good luck for the dump, it might turn out to be something unpreserved :)

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