What do you use to translate the forum.
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Autor:  marvelus10 [ 04.12.2013 05:38 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  What do you use to translate the forum.

I use Google chrome with Google translate and more often than not I can't make out what anyone is trying to say, even after the translation from German to English. Is Google translate really that bad or is there just no proper way to translate German to English online.

Autor:  lytron [ 04.12.2013 08:47 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: What do you use to translate the forum.

Well, it depends.

I write the articles on my site in both languages and sometimes translated the result with Google Translations for fun. As long as the sentence doesn't get too complicated, the result is sometimes the very same I wrote.

But there are a few reasons why it does not work out. Colloquial language, new idioms, typos, admins restrained from using Umlauts... all these turn translations into nonsense. Best way could be if you just ask if Google Translate cannot help you. Surely someone is willing to summarize what is going on. Most of us are quite nice guys here. ;)

Besides that: Do you have some examples for posts that turn out quirky? I'm just curious. :)

Autor:  marvelus10 [ 14.01.2014 06:46 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: What do you use to translate the forum.

Here is an example of Google translation, sometimes you have to read it twice to get what it says.

Hello dear SNES freaks. not gambles her much better on a SD TV, alone of authenticity's sake? Quite zuschweigen from the fact that there is zero LAG and the image is not hochgepixelt potthässlich. beams, left and right and there's none. So , what's better than a SD gamble for TV's Retro? Hmmm now, nothing But then already has an RGB cable ago!

Autor:  lytron [ 14.01.2014 08:49 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: What do you use to translate the forum.

Ah, yeah, I had to look the original up. ;)

Nibbler hat geschrieben:
Hallo ihr lieben SNes Freaks. :pieks:

Zockt ihr nicht auch viel lieber auf einem SD TV, allein schon der Authentizität halber?
Ganz zuschweigen davon, daß es null LAG gibt und das Bild nicht potthässlich hochgepixelt wird.
Balken, links und rechts gibts auch keine.

Also, was gibts besseres als einen SD TV für´s Retro zocken ?

Hmmm nun, nichts :wink:

Rough Translation:

Hello my dear SNES freaks. :pieks:

Do you rather play on a SD TV, because of the very authencity?
Not to mention that there is no lag and the screen isn't butt-uglily upscaled.
There are no bars to the left and right, too.

So, is there something better than a SD TV for retro gaming?

Hmmm, well, no :wink:


Yeah, now I know what you mean. ;)
But it is here as I mentioned:
  • Incorrect writing: Because Nibbler wrote "ganz zuschweigen" and not, as it would have been correct, "ganz zu schweigen", Google translation tried to translate it literally, because it did not recognize the idiom (if you try to translate "ganz zu schweigen", it puts out "not to mention").
  • Incomplete vocabulary at Strange that Google doesn't know "potthässlich" ("butt-ugly")
  • New word creations: The word "hochgepixelt" doesn't exist, yet everyone understands what it means. Literally, it means "pixeled up", and obviously refers to screen scaling in this context.
  • Colloquial talking: The second line ("do you rather play...") isn't really well translated in my version, because, well, the Original is not grammatically correct German, too. Yet, in context, as a native speaker, it is clear what is meant.

Autor:  gaigig [ 14.01.2014 15:07 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: What do you use to translate the forum.

My english isn't that good so i have to apologize first :)
One of the main problems is simply that many people use some (regional) slang / chatter slang. It's not that uncommon that people for example write "kannste" instead of "kannst du" (you can) or "haste" instead of "hast du" (did you) or "isses/isset" instead of "ist es" (is it) and so on. It's getting even worse if you look at some random commentarys at any news site and try to translate them automatically into english.

And, of course, another problem is that (some/many) people just can't write properly. You won't believe how many people type "words" like e.g. "dan" "kan" "wan". These "words" simply don't exist so they won't get translated. Correct spelling would be "dann" (then) "kann" (can) and "wann" (when). This phenomenon of especially these three "words" exist for more than 4 years now and it's getting even worse. Some people may argue that it is "just a missing n" but actually there are really MANY people outside who believe that "dan" "kan" and "wan" are "words".

Nah, haven't written in english for a long time so there may be some misunderstanding, sorry for that. Normally i just read english texts but never have to write anything :)

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