Zombies snes broken game or bug ??? Help

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Zombies snes broken game or bug ??? Help

Beitrag von Michael1987 » 18. November 2013, 18:05

Hi, there

Today i bought my snes pal zombies game

code on label: SNSP-ZA-NOE

When i pass first level and save all 10 neighbours and get bonus for this, In second level on my radar always is 10 people to save, radar its not count down when i saved someone and when i save all of them the doors to 3 rd level wont show up. and its always number 10 on radar

But when in first level i saved 9 or less people second level works perfecy and everything is ok

Can someone help me my game is broke or what ??

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Re: Zombies snes broken game or bug ??? Help

Beitrag von mupfelofen-de » 30. Dezember 2013, 02:42

That's very weird. Got the same version and I always get the "All Victims Saved"-Bonus (unlike lytron of course). ;-)
Seems like a unique bug but that's very odd on a system like the SNES.
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