Top 5 SNES/SFC Games

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Top 5 SNES/SFC Games

Beitrag von ChronoMoogle » 24. November 2012, 21:27

This topic is kind of standart in videogame-related boards, but still pretty interesting to get to know the interests of other gamers. So... to give our international members a little kickstart for more gaming discussion in our English area, I decided to open this little topic right here.

Everybody please feel free to show us your five favorite SNES or Super Famicom Games so far and tell us a little bit about them! A particular order is not nessesary but possible :)

I gonna start the topic with my list. The first places are very RPGis, since this is my favorite genre:

1. Terranigma
The game which made me come back to the SNES back in the days. The best Action-RPG ever released and my favorite game of all time. Everybody should play it, most notable because of the good story, wonderfull soundtrack and awesome fighting-system.

2. Chrono Trigger

Square plus Enix plus Toriyama equals Awesomeness. This RPG is the biggest and best adventure of its genre ever. Story, fighting system, gamesize, lively graphics and epic music, everything is near to perfection. Too bad Square Enix couldn't repeat such awesomeness after their fusion.

3. Chaos Seed
One of the most complex titles which still manages to have a more than decent and fluent gameplay. This game is a absolutely unique and fun mix of Action/RPG/Simulation Elements and its a pity it never made it out of Japan.

4. Starfox 2
I will never forgive Nintendo the canselation of this game. A genuis mix of tactic and shooting offers a deep and varying gameplay. By all means the best game in the whole Starfox-Saga.

5. The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past
I wasn't sure if I should stick with Lufia II or this game, but since it still kicks the butt of recent Zelda titles, I chose A Link To The Past as my fifth place. Awesome Puzzles, a great and lively playworld and exciting fights. I can't ask for more. The same description would fit for Lufia II, too, though. Hmm.
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...weil Terranigma einfach das Größte ist!

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Re: Top 5 SNES/SFC Games

Beitrag von mrpearce1985 » 23. Oktober 2014, 18:11

My list would be pretty standard in all honesty:

1. Zelda - A Link to the Past

Simply number one because of the amount of hours I put into this game when I was a kid and I would still happily play it time and time again now.

2. Super Mario Kart

Hours of fun playing this as a kid with my brother and friends. Again, would happily play this now with friends.

3. Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Pretty tough game but I think that's what I like about it.

4. Goof Troop

Cracking little play on an RPG. Not the most difficult game in the world but fun to play.

5. Super Mario World

Probably my all time favourite Mario Game. Plenty to offer in terms of game play, great mix of levels etc.

Pretty standard as I said, but can't beat the classics :roll:

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Hardcore SNES-Freak
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Re: Top 5 SNES/SFC Games

Beitrag von Sebel » 23. Oktober 2014, 21:21

Uh, it's very difficult to define a list ... so I have no special order.

Breath of Fire II
My first RPG on the SNES and still the best one I know. A good story, nice graphics and the very cool Shaman-System are just some of many points what makes this game my number one.

Paladin's Quest/Lennus
A great (and dificult) RPG with a Sci-Fi-Setting I just love and a decent story if you get all details. So I like the cursor-based fighting-system. It's the right system for a lazy person lie me :D

The Chaos Engine/Soldiers of Fortune
I meet this game on the Amiga 500 for the first time. A hard and nice Run'n'Gun with some Action-Adventure features. Notice the great Soundtrack

Secret of Evermore
Underrated game with probably one of the best Soundtracks on the SNES. It's more than an Secret of Mana-Clone.

Popful Mail
Because in my lack of the japanese language I can't tell you much about the story but Popful Mail is a great Action-Adventure-Platformer with cute graphics and funny ideas.

This list may be changed but at this time these five games are my favourites.