Unreleased SNES games

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Re: Unreleased SNES games

Beitrag von Evan_G » 8. Juni 2014, 06:40

Pretty big update today. I scanned through the March and April 1992 issues of Gamepro for information on unreleased games, and updated the following pages:

Substantial updates:

- The Lost Mission
- Spellcraft
- Toxic Crusaders
- Falcon
- Final Fantasy V
- Bulls vs. Lakers
- Golden Empire

Minor updates:

- The Great Battle
- Metal Masters
- Pigskin
- Railroad Tycoon
- Robosaurus
- Might & Magic II
- Swamp Thing
- The Flash
- Ultrabots
- Romancing SaGa
- Castles
- Baseball Stars II
- Robo Mech
- Super Double Dribble
- Ultima V
- Maniac Mansion II
- Casino Kid II

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Re: Unreleased SNES games

Beitrag von ChronoMoogle » 11. Juni 2014, 09:25

Sweet update. Thanks for sharing, Evan!
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Re: Unreleased SNES games

Beitrag von lytron » 11. Juni 2014, 11:23

Thanks for letting us know! This is amazing!

Short note:

You wrote about Maniac Mansion II:
The actual sequel to Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, came out in 1993 only on computers.
According to the article below that, MM2 should Feature "time travel" and "favorite MM characters". Both are things that are in DotT.
What I want to point out is: Your sentence sounds like that this game was scrapped and a new game, "the actual sequel", was produced afterwards, leading to DotT. But, it rather seems like MM2 was DotT, the game's title was just changed in a later development stadium (according to the image at Wikipedia, DotT's full name is "Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle", and the corresponding article even calls it "Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle").

My memory may play tricks on me, but I think in the opening sequence it is called "Maniac Mansion 2". Definitely not sure about that, though.
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Re: Unreleased SNES games

Beitrag von Celine » 15. Juni 2014, 17:53

Hi Evan,
In case you have missed the post on Assembler, here a scan about a Zorro game for SNES that went unreleased (I think):


Console Plus, issue 36
Evan_G hat geschrieben: - Golden Empire
Very cool.
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In a magazine there was a screenshot said to be of this game.
Too bad the editor mistaken the game for another one.